Renovations Renovations 1. Kitchen Renovation. Kitchen Renovation (before). 128064559 Kitchen Renovation (before). 128064560 Kitchen Re-Design. 3D Design Plan. 128064561 Kitchen Re-Design (after). Kitchen Re-Design. Polytec Classic White Kitchen with 20mm Caesarstone benchtops & red glass splashbacks. Including handless overhead doors & butcher block mobile island unit (with mixed timber benchtop). Built in benchtop bin. 128064551 Kitchen Re-Design (Photo 2). 128064558 Photo 3. Overhead framed glass doors with side wine racks. Under bench cupboard for mobile island unit stow away. Including appliance nook. 128064550 Photo 4. 128064554 Photo 5. 128064552 Photo 6. 128064553 Photo 8. Framed glass doors with side wine racks & under bench cupboard for island unit stow away. 128064556 Photo 9. Framed glass overhead doors with side wine racks. 128064557 2. Kitchen Renovation. Kitchen (before). 105160200 Kitchen (before). 105160201 Kitchen Renovation. 3D Design Plan (angle 1). 105160863 3D Design Plan (angle 2). 105160861 Removal of existing kitchen. 105160202 Kitchen Re-Design (after). Kitchen Re-Design (after). 40mm Caesarstone benchtop with waterfall end and Polytec Classic white sheen doors and panels. 105164637 Kitchen Re-Design (after). 40mm Caesarstone benchtops with waterfall end. Polytec Classic White Sheen doors & panels. 105160204 Caesarstone benchtop with waterfall end. 105164636 Caesarstone benchtop with waterfall end. 105164635 3. Integrated Dishwasher. Photo 2. 125850890 Integrated dishwasher panel to existing kitchen. 125850889 4. Laundry Renovation. Laundry Renovation (before). 105160205 Laundry Renovation. 3D Design Plan (angle 1). 105160864 3D Design Plan (angle 2). 105160865 Installing the new laundry. 105160206 Laundry (after). Laundry (after). Gloss laminate benchtop and gloss white doors with stainless steel laminate kickboards. 105164531 Laundry (after) Splashback installed. 105164638 5. Modifications to Existing Kitchen. 3D Design Plan. 125850870 Modifications to Existing Kitchen (after). Modifications to existing kitchen. Replaced doors & panels, new oven tower, fridge overhead cabinet, 3 pot drawers & gloss white bulkheads. Under cabinet lighting & 2 wine racks. Also 30mm stone benchtops with curved servery. 125850874 Photo 2. 125850875 Photo 3. 125850876 Photo 4. Curved 30mm stone benchtop with stainless steel bar pillars. 125850877 Photo 5. Glass shelving & splashbacks. 125850878 Photo 6. 125850880 6. Vanity Renovation. Vanity Renovation (before). 105160207 Wall Mounted Vanity (after). Vanity Renovation (after). Wall hung vanity with 40mm Caesarstone benchtop with gloss white doors and panels and top mount basin. 105164639 Vanity Renovation (after). Wall Vanity (off the floor). 105164533 7. Kitchen Resurface. Kitchen Resurface (before). 94398859 Kitchen Resurface (after). Kitchen Resurface (after). Added more shelf space above existing cabinets. 94398860 Kitchen Resurface (after) Photo 2. 125854025 8. Kitchen Renovation. Kitchen (before). 112441581 Removal of existing kitchen. 112441582 Kitchen Re-Design. 3D Design Plan. 112442554 Kitchen Re-Design (after). Kitchen Re-Design (after). Polytec gloss doors and panels with diamond gloss laminate bencthop. 112441585 Kitchen (after). Photo 2. 112441583 Kitchen (after). Photo 3. 112441584 9. Kitchen Renovation. Kitchen Renovation (before). 85612716 Kitchen Renovation. 3D Design Plan (angle 1). 85612717 Kitchen Renovation. 3D Design Plan (angle 2). 85612718 Kitchen (after). Kitchen (after). Photo 1. Gloss white doors with diamond gloss benchtop & stainless steel laminate kickboards. 85612721 Kitchen (after). Photo 2. 85612722 Kitchen (after) Photo 3. 125850884 10. Vanity Renovation. Vanity Renovation (before). 65458693 Vanity (after). Vanity Renovation (after). Polytec black laminate doors & panels. 65458694 11. Cupboard Renovation. Inner Cupboard Drawers Renovation (before). 57745507 Inner Cupboard Drawers Renovation (before). 57745506 Cupboard Renovation (after). Renovation (after). Inner cupboard drawers. Modified cabinet to suit 6 inner drawers with existing doors. 57745508 Renovation (after). Inner drawers. 57745509 12. Vanity Renovation. 3D Design Plan. 125850891 Vanity (after). Gloss white Handless Vanity with 20mm Caesarstone benchtop, shallow basin and soft close drawers. 125850881 Photo 2. Soft close drawers. 125850882 Photo 3. Side view of handless vanity with shadow line between benchtop and drawers. 125850883 13. Entertainment Cabinetry for Billiard Room. 3D Design Plan. 153546082 Entertainment Cabinetry for Billiard Room. Federation style 2-pack doors with red cedar glass overhead doors and 40mm Trendstone benchtops. 153546098 14. Kitchen Renovation. Kitchen Re-Design (before). 57745510 3D Design Plan. 3D Design Plan. 57745511 Removal of existing kitchen. 57745512 Kitchen (after). Kitchen Re-Design (after). Laminate Kitchen with Ceasarstone Benchtops & Waterfall Ends. 57745513 15. Dual Basin Vanity. Design Sketch. 153546086 Dual Basin Vanity. Gloss white 2-pack handless vanity with centre shelving, stone benchtop & stainless laminate kickboard. 153546088 16. New Kitchen Design. 3D Design Plan (angle 2). 153546089 New Kitchen. L shaped kitchen with soft close drawers and 30mm Quantum Quartz benchtops with waterfall end. In bench bin and slide out spice racks drawer. 153546085 Photo 2. Servery bench. 153546095 Photo 3. 153546093 17. Old Queenslander Kitchen Renovation. Kitchen Renovation (before). 57745514 Queenslander Kitchen (after). Kitchen (after). 57745515 18. Custom Made Entertainment Unit. 3D Design Plan. 153546096 Custom Made Entertainment Unit. Classic white sheen panels with olympia blue offset speaker shelves and brushed nickel retro legs. 153546097 19. Vanity & Mirrored Shave Cabinet. Antique white vanity with 6 drawers and 1 door. Built in mirrored shave cabinet. 170560170 Vanity & Mirrored Shave Cabinet. Photo 2. Built in mirrored shave cabinet with 3 mirrored doors . 170560171 20. Existing Kitchen. (before) About to update the benchtops. 190699670 New Benchtop Renovation. Installation of Ceaserstone benchtops on existing cabinetry. 190699671 New Benchtops on existing kitchen. 190699672 21. Vanity Renovation. Removal of existing vanity. 190699673 New Vanity. Laminate vanity with new bowl & tapware. 190699674 22. Kitchen Renovation (before). 200086114 Renovation (before). 200086115 Renovation (before). 200086113 Existing kitchen (before). 193648044 Demolition of existing wall for new kitchen. Co-ordination with one of our builder's (LKS Builders) to remove an existing wall to accomodate a larger kitchen space and to also allow open plan living of the home. 193648045 Kitchen Renovation. Kickboards installed. 193648046 Kickboards installed. 193648048 New kitchen being installed. Classic White Sheen doors & panels. 193648049 New kitchen being installed. 193648050 New Kitchen (without benchtops). 193648051 Kitchen Renovation. Large drawers with glass sides (Blum hardware). Large soft close drawers with glass sides. 193648052 New kitchen (without benchtops). 193648053 New Kitchen Renovation (after). 200086109 New Kitchen Renovation (after). 200086110 New Kitchen (after). 200086111 New Kitchen with soft close drawers & doors. (after). 200086112 23. Vanity Renovation. 203708349 New vanity installation. With extra cabinetry. 203708350 24. Kitchen Reovation. Before. 203708351 Kitchen Renovation. After. 203708352 25. Kitchen Renovation. Before. 203708353 Kitchen Renovation. After. 203708354 26. Kitchen Renovation. Installing. 203708355 Kitchen Renovation. After. 203708356 With stone benchtops installed. Corner, undermount sink. 203708357 27. Oven Renovation. Installation of new oven & custom cabinetry. 203708359 Oven Renovation. Built-in side cabinets. 203708358